The Fields of Garden State

      Nestled on our 500 acres are our perennial and mum fields. A vast 158 acres allows us to grow many different varieties of perennials at the same time. From favorites like Rudbeckia Goldstrum and many different types of Salvia, to varieties that most growers do not grow, like Montauk Daises and Fall Anemone, we are able to grow the types of perennials that our customers need.



     Having the available space that we do allows us to generate several different crop turns for several different crops, once the season begins we have the ability to produce not just the most popular perennials, but also the most colorful.

      Being outside allows us to ultilize a process that involves actually producing our perennials outside. Our outside production unit gives us the ability to produce a certain crop right at its set down location. This process allows us to minimize the the damage that could happen by transporting from inside to the fields. The outdoor production unit simply produces the plants at the set location and then we move them by belts to the exact location of set down. This enables to be more productive in the field and give more time to care and maintenance.


     Our available field space also allows us to produce a large variety of Hardy Mums. In fact Garden State Growers is the largest grower of Hardy Mums in New Jersey. The outside fields allow us to grow such a large crop that we can in turn supply all of our customers, but also other growers looking to supply their customers.