Better Plants to Grow a Better Garden


Better Plants to Grow a Better Garden.”

     That’s our simple and straightforward motto in everything we do. A commitment to provide a product and an experience; a commitment to always seek new innovations and products.

       A vow for continuous quality improvement.

      Garden State Growers is not just a conventional grower. We market and merchandise plants, we keep the consumer’s aesthetic in mind in everything we do.. We work hard, monitoring plant trends, our eyes and ears attune to trends in other retail areas—such as fashion and home decorating—to see what is popular and learn the most effective way to market it to the end consumer.

     We are not just selling to our customer, but to your customers as well. We understand what the end consumer is looking for, and we grow the best product we can for you to offer them. The satisfaction of the end consumer is the foundation that Garden State Growers builds on. When we ensure that satisfaction, our business becomes a destination for our buyers, and we can continue to focus on the quality of our plant life, and commit to developing new ways to achieve that quality, constantly improving and reinvigorating our products.

     Seeing our product through the eyes of the end consumer returns us to our motto: “Better Plants to Grow a Better Garden.” The better our plants, the more beautiful and satisfying the gardens of our end consumers will be. The satisfaction of our customer’s customers is truly our intended end result, and we do everything we can to ensure that happens.