Advice For Your Garden State Growing

It’s spring!

     We know you know that, but we want to make sure you hear it as well. Because this means your ground has thawed, and the exiting chill of winter makes way for warm climes.

     It’s time to prepare your garden for beautification, and April is a key month. For the experienced and even novice gardener, here are some basic tips to shake off both your and your garden’s rust:

  •  We’ll start here with two nice ideas. First, pair your garden with a birdhouse. Feathered friends add beauty to the garden by bringing additional color, and feast on insects that seek to lounge or live on the flora. Second, celebrate Arbor Day on Friday, April 26th by planting a tree, knowing that future generations will benefit.
  • Give your lawn a good raking, removing anything – twigs, rocks, weeds, etc – that has “lived” under the winter snow. It’s time for your acre of earth, which will offset your garden nicely, to “breathe” again. Not only that, no skipping of stones and branches. Your lawnmower and kneecaps will thank you!

And as for April flowers…

  •  Act now and for the future. Some flowers planted in April (lavender, strawflowers) can also be dried for winter arrangement decorations.
  •  Go with annuals like cosmos, marigold and zinnia. Each serves a purpose beyond their beauty. Cosmos seed often re-germinate every spring, marigolds are tiny and control garden roundworms, and the flowers of the zinnia are long-lasting.

Start your Perennial garden.  Perennials offer the best value.  Plant them once and they will be back for years to come...bigger and better.  April is perfect for Aquilegia, Salvia, Phlox, Violas and Dianthus.  Tons of color to incorporate with your annuals. 

  •  Prune shrubs like forsythia and the stalks of flowering bulbs as the flowers begin to fade to keep the natural beauty but also to aid future growth.


Next month, we’ll have more advice as your plant roots take firm hold and your garden heads into summer!